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While it is fair to say that we did not plan for rain but we refused to let this dampen our desire to saturate Hemel in prayer! And to our amazement, many others joined us in Gadebridge Park to worship and pray before heading out to do the Prayer Walk. There was such a great feeling of unity and passion as we came together as the body of Christ. Thank you to everyone who came huddled under umbrellas – you are amazing!


Despite the challenges of the weather, we had 58 people, from 15 different churches covering 731 streets. While most of the streets were covered on Saturday, some of the allocated streets are being walked during this week when the weather is a little better. 


We aim to ensure that every street in Hemel is prayer walked by the end of July. When signing up, many of people agreed to prayer walk extra streets and with this commitment we will cover 275 of the remaining 345 streets! That leaves just 70 streets to allocate. If you would like to prayer walk any of the remaining streets please email us at


Continue to pray for Hemel as people go out to walk the remaining streets. We believe that the walk is an act of faith and in every street we place our feet the light and life of Jesus is going to come. Thank you again for being part of this adventure in prayer – you are amazing!

Share your experience with us

We would love to hear about any scriptures, pictures or words that God may of given to you or any conversations you may have encountered with people on your prayer walk.

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