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On Saturday 1st July 2023, 75 believers from 16 different Churches came together to Prayer Walk 750 Streets across Hemel! Before heading out for the walk, we met in Gadebridge Park for briefing and corporate prayer. This was an encouraging time and so inspiring to be together a community of believers, praying and believing as one, for God to transform Hemel.

Though we did not get the 100 people we were hoping for to cover every street in Hemel on that Saturday, David, along with some other volunteers, completed the remaining streets over the following months.

In the build-up to last year's Prayer Walk, we held a Launch Service!

It was a wonderful evening where we shared our hearts behind this initiative and dedicated time to worship Jesus and pray for our town. Thank you to all who came and got involved, it was such a rich time together.

Prayer Walk 2023

Launch Service

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