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Despite the challenges of the weather, we had 58 people, from 15 different churches covering 731 streets. While most of the streets were covered on Saturday, some of the allocated streets are being walked during this week when the weather is a little better.

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In 2021 David completed the Love Hemel Prayer Walk, covering every street in Hemel Hempstead. The focus was to pray for the healing and restoration of the community from the effects of the pandemic. He used 'The Lord’s Prayer' as a simple template to focus and direct his prayers. The walk was called “Love Hemel” as a reflection of God’s heart of love for our community.

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We invited believers from across Hemel to help us complete 'Love Hemel 100'. The aim was to have 100 believers, prayer walking every street in Hemel, in one hour, all at the same time! We had 75 believers from 16 different Churches and covered 750 Streets. The remaining streets were covered by David and other volunteers over the following months.

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As he finished the walk in 2021, David had a sense that he should carry on Prayer Walking Hemel in 2022, but that he should not do this alone. So with 42 believers from 10 churches across Hemel, they saturated Hemel in prayer in the 2 weeks leading up to Easter.

My name is David Young

"Love Hemel is a God-inspired idea that I felt Him place on my heart during the Covid Pandemic. I first started in 2021 when I walked every street in Hemel praying for healing and restoration from the effects of the pandemic.


Now I believe this initiative has stretched wider than just myself and I believe God's heart is that believers from across Hemel would come together to declare the Name of Jesus over every street, home and heart in Hemel Hempstead.


Using the 'Lord's Prayer' as a guide we want to see His Kingdom come and His will be done in Hemel Hempstead"

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