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Never Prayer Walked before or looking for some pointers? We've got you covered!

Prayer is talking with God.

It is a two-way conversation where you speak to Him, and He speaks to you. Prayer always requires us to listen as well as speak. 

Rather watch and not read?
We get it.


When we go into a specific location, at a specific time, for a specific purpose, our prayers take on a whole new level of meaning that goes beyond the words we speak. This is amplified when we join with others in that moment.


This is an act of faith as we walk in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ. There is a spiritual power released with every step we take. Even in the moments we may not speak, we are affecting the spiritual atmosphere through the faith that is attached to the action we are taking.


God's word is “a lamp to our feet and a light to our path”. If you struggle for words to pray use scripture verses to direct your thoughts and prayers. Before you prayer walk you could write down some scriptures that have meaning to you and use these as you feel led.

The Lord’s Prayer also provides a brilliant example of this and provides us with a great framework for prayer.


Enjoy walking and spending time with God! Joy is infectious and our world needs more of it – so smile and be kind to those you may meet.

There is no right or wrong way to pray. We are all uniquely made by God so the way you pray may be different to others and that’s Ok! Your voice matter's to Him. It's not about perfection, God just wants willing and open hearts.


Don't look down, God wants us to see what is happening all around us.


Allow God to draw your attention to the places and people around you. You may notice things you've never seen before (i.e schools, name plaques, community centres, churches, benches, the beauty of creation) or start conversations with people God may point out to you.


What’s happening in these moments is that God is at work. Be ready for God to speak to you and through you!


There may be times during your walk when no words are being spoken. Enjoy these moments. They are like the space between paragraphs. They are the stillness in which we discover God. They are the moments we are listening, looking and waiting for God to speak.


Be aware that God is walking alongside you and enjoy His company.​


This is a simple guide we have created which includes a guided prayer through The Lord's Prayer and specific areas to pray over.


Print it out and bring it with you, or we will have copies available on the day.


A Simple Guide For Prayer Walking

A Simple Guide For Prayer Walking

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